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Association of Young Progressives for the Future of Children "AJPAE", A Haitian organization for the promotion of the well-being of marginalized and most vulnerable children.


Localization: Route 9, Duvivier, Cite Soleil

Legal registration: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MAST) approves AJPAE at No: STZ1-25747

Contact person

Stephane DUPAIN,


(+509) 3601-7576 / 4649-8826



 "A benevolent Haiti where the vital needs of needy and marginalized children are satisfied".

      WHO WE ARE

The Association of Young Progressives for the Future of Children is an apolitical organization, created on the initiative of a group of young people from different neighborhoods and aware of the difficult socio-economic situations faced by the majority of people, children in particular.


This initiative is launched after a real observation, which is the weakness of the government to provide adequate basic social services for needy children. In fact, it was with the aim of doing something that the founders created this association aimed at helping children in difficult situations. We work in Duvivier, an area in the commune of Cite Soleil.


Within the organization, we have a set of programs that will allow us to achieve our objectives namely: Educative program, social program, civic program and creative program.

Educative program

One of the organization's goals is to provide children with the tools they need to become development agents for the country. However, to develop their environment, they must first develop. It is in this sense that we ensure that the children who are part of our program have access to quality education. That is why we would like to subsidize the tuition fees of the latter. In addition, we offer children a space where they can have fun through educational games.


Social program

Being aware of the reality that the children of Cite Soleil live and the incapacity of the parents to meet their basic social needs, AJPAE aims to support the parents by giving the children a meal during the meetings. We are planning to organize a series of visits to places across the country to help them socialize more. Finally, AJPAE organizes a party at the end of each year in order to create a kind of harmony between parents and children where they can offer gifts to their parents.


Civic program

This program aims to teach children the importance of civic duties and to respect the moral, social and cultural values ​​of the country, such as respect for the flag and the environment. We teach them to love their country, its heritage and to appreciate their identity. Through this program, we will develop in children the desire and commitment to be involved in the advancement of the country at their level.


Creative program

Each child has a specific talent, either he is ignored or most of the time he does not have the opportunity to exploit it. Therefore, through this program, they will have the possibility of implementing all that they have as potentialities.


Contact Us

12 Route Soleil 9, Duvivier, Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


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Registered AJPAE NUMBER: STZ1-25747

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